choker necklace with black beads and bone detailing


The Choker Necklace With Black Beads and Bone Detailing is a layered necklace comprised of 4 strands of black beads, broken with four small pieces of what we estimate to be either bone or ivory. Hook and eye closure. The segments of bone/ivory have x's and circles etched into them. No notable flaws or blemishes.

Please note that our incredible inventory, while carefully curated, was all donated to us. Because of the inevitable, sometimes there may be small imperfections on our vintage pieces that give them an extra helping of personality. We do our best to note these spots of individuality, but please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Every purchase made helps improve the lives of children and animals in the Kansas City metro area. We donate all proceeds to KidsTLC and Wayside Waifs.