the team

we're the women of do good co.

We are the women behind the camera, behind the computer, behind the website, behind the desk, and behind the day-to-day operations of the organization. We are the women who will greet you when you come to shop with us in person. We are the women who power the online operations when you want to shop from the comfort of your own couch. We are the women who will guide you when you volunteer your time with us. We are the women who will receive your donations.

WE are Do Good Co..


Heavily influenced by her childhood and drawing inspiration from early memories, it began with her mother bringing home vintage Gunny Sack dresses to play dress-up. Remembering the way clothing moved, how it felt and the way it made her feel impacts her love of fashion to this day. Ashley grew up with a magical forest behind her house where she turned trees into pretend animals and made pies from wild onions; her childhood experiences reinforce her emphasis on children/adults and the art of play.

As an adult, her journey took her through innumerable hours of retail, a decade of intermittently selling vintage goods online, and some volunteer work sprinkled into the mix. Do Good Co. felt like a natural combination of all of the above. "I see Do Good Co. being an artistically playful place of community. A place known for making a difference that ripples throughout the world. " As a lover of movement, nature, and community, she's always on the hunt for pieces that inspire and spark connection.


Since the beginning, she provided a great deal of our images by using her talents to donate until formally joining the staff this year. In her own words, Ali loves Do Good Co. because of what it "stands for, serving kids, supporting mental health, and helping the sweet little pets in our city." She loves doing good because she truly believes it makes the world a happier place. Outside of Do Good Co., Ali is a Canadian-born girl married to a Midwestern boy who is known for driving out of her way to get a good latte. She classifies herself as "an introverted people person," but she ultimately wants to get to know you. She lives her life by the belief that every time you do something selfless, it makes your life (and someone else’s) just a little bit lighter. She believes in singing along to all of the songs, hugging those closest to you (often), and expressing gratitude every single day.


Ever since childhood Cayla has loved art and creating. She always says that Do Good Co is her creative outlet. Not only is Cayla the mind behind some of our painted pieces, she also helps run the store, price donations and much, much more! Cayla is currently studying psychology to become a therapist, one of the many reasons why she believes in Do Good Co. and its mission in helping children with mental and behavioral challenges. Cayla has also adopted two dogs who have helped her through her share of mental health struggles and believes Do Good can not only help animals find their future homes but help their future owners as well.

When Cayla isn't working you can find her painting in her home studio, enjoying the outdoors or redecorating her apartment.

Cayla does good by trying her hardest to spread kindness to everyone she meets. "You never know what someone else is going through so I try my hardest to treat everyone with kindness."


Inspired by her family of creatives and performance artists, Amaris was destined to discover at an early age her love and appreciation for infinite art forms. As a woman of many passions, Amaris has several avenues in which she cultivates expression. As a working Actor, Improviser, Photographer, and Musician, she never stops creating. Presently, in almost divine timing, she now adds Do Good Co. to her repertoire. Down to earth, yet witty and comedic in nature, Amaris enjoys being around people and recognizes these personal traits as her key to developing meaningful connections. Do Good Co. is a place she describes to be “A Kansas City gem. A community-driven space of creativity, passion, and inclusivity”. In addition to her creative disposition, the enormous, and arguably most important part of Amaris’s ethos is that of social, animal and environmental justice; philosophies that Do Good Co. proudly encompasses and advocates for. “Above anything, I want to spend my time in a space that invites humans to stand for and do great things in this world. This is what inspires me most.” 



Jillian is a purpose-driven CPA and Bookkeeper who knows just how important it is for entrepreneurs to be able to focus on what they do best. She handles the books, so you can handle the biz. She has several years of corporate tax and small-business accounting experience. Her specialty is serving women-run businesses. When she's not crunching numbers, you'll find her singing, dancing, reading or traveling to new places with her husband.