thousands of children in the kansas city area need access to mental health resources.

KitsTLC is working to enrich the lives of children and their families in our community with autism, developmental disabilities, developmental trauma, and psychological issues. They use a Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, Practice and Parenting (DDP) approach to create a culture characterized by its warm, welcoming, and safe connections.

the philosophy

KidsTLC looks beyond a child’s behaviors to uncover the underlying dynamics of what’s happening: Is the child trying to meet a need or solve a problem? Is there an issue that arises at a certain stage in development? What is happening physically – in their brain, hormones, and nervous system? Does the child have all the skills needed to manage the situation? Can he or she form a trusting and collaborative relationship with caregivers? Are traumatic experiences coloring how children perceive the possibilities for help and safety around them?

Their understanding of the bigger picture surrounding a child’s behavior guides their recommendations, plans, and actions. Because they care about children, their programs only utilize practices that are science and evidence-based to further children’s lives in meaningful and purposeful ways. KidsTLC encourages success by acting to accomplish these goals:

They help children feel safe with their experiences, memories and key relationships.

They help them understand and manage their emotions, impulses and reactions.

They help them put their feelings and needs into words.

They help children understand and value themselves and others.

They help children feel more in charge of themselves, advocate for their needs, and be able to accomplish goals that are satisfying to them.

They support parents in their quest to understand and connect with their children more deeply.

They help parents become trust-builders and skill-builders for their children.

They help parents get the care, support, training and backing they need to stay engaged with their children for the long haul.

the impact

2,248 children & parents helped through their programs in 2017

21,946 total days of care provided in 2017

10,487 outpatient sessions conducted in 2017

37,067 total treatment hours within their Autism program in 2017