found + collected: L.A.

Inspired by those who dare to make a difference. For the people who never really fit in, but aren’t afraid to stand out. For those who know change doesn’t happen overnight, as much as we wish it could. For those of us in it for the long haul & willing to do what it takes. For those of us who tell our friends we love them, because we know that our time on earth is nothing more than the blink of an eye.

This collection started as an idea exactly a year ago today. It started with a feeling and transpired into our first Found & Collected drop, straight from the heart of LA. Each piece was picked because, in some way or another, it spoke to one of us. Just maybe, a piece or two will speak to you.

This collection is much more than vintage clothing; it’s a curation that knows some rules were meant to be broken. That sometimes life doesn’t make sense, but we hold on & ride the wave & see where it takes us. A collection that sees doing good as a must, not an option, for our planet is the only one we have.

Inspired by love & creativity, with a little loss thrown in the mix.

We bring you Found & Collected: L.A. 001