Pulse (disambiguation): a rapid and transient change from a baseline value, followed by a rapid return to the baseline value.

The F/W 2021 Collection started in LA and was completed in Kansas City. From the materials to the patterns & textures, each piece was carefully handpicked.  Blending past and present moments; Pulse landed. Landed because a collection starts as an idea and transforms many times in the mind until it fully arrives. It lands in the physical realm. 

The idea for Pulse, our official 4th collection, started after feeling the need that mankind was craving connection. Genuine connection that could transcend time & space. A connection one could feel. 

The physical weight of the shearling jacket. The texture of the wool pant and the buttery softness of the leather dress, all of these pieces create a feeling. What does a feeling do?

A feeling sends you. A feeling takes you places. A feeling arouses something inside the body and changes the beat of the heart. The pulse starts steady and soft, like the grazing of arms by two strangers. Or maybe we pick up the tempo and bump into a long lost love on the subway. Do you pay attention to your pulse?

Find your pulse. Feel the connection.